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What You Need To Know About the North Facing House Plan

A north facing house plan is a plan where the main or entrance door faces the northern side. It’s believed that the north is the location of Kuber, the God of wealth; therefore, when your door faces this direction you attract wealth in your life.

Things to do when designing the plan

When designing a north facing house plan there are a number of things that you need to do. One of the things is to place the main door in 5th pada as this is the direction where you will get a lot of wealth. If the 5th pada is too small you should place the door in the 4th pada.

The kitchen should face SE or NW and the master bedroom should face SW. The guest bedroom should face NW.

Once you have settled in your new home you should plant short trees and shrubs in order to avoid blocking the sun. You can also go for small hedges and deciduous trees. You should note that the sun tends to shine through deciduous trees in the winter; therefore, you should choose varieties that are resistant to strong winds.

If you have to put up a structure in front of your house you should ensure that it’s not too tall thus blocking the sun. Instead of tall statues you should go for short ones. You should also go for picnic tables instead of gazebos.

Glass is good for your home; however, you should ensure that the glass you use is ideal for shady conditions. Flowers are also good and just like glass you should ensure that they are also shade loving. Some of the best flowers that you should think about are: coral bells, columbine, hostas, and bleeding hearts.

Things to avoid when making the design

You should avoid placing the toilet, septic tank, kitchen, dustbins, clutter in the NE corner. You should also avoid placing the staircase in the north side of your home. Avoiding this keeps you away from trouble.


A north facing house is great as it attracts wealth into your home and into your family. To get a good plan you should work with an experienced architect who has worked with north facing house plans before.

A good architect will not only design the house for you, he/she will also help you in designing the landscape. The professional will also help you in getting a great contractor,

We have many north facing house plans that you can use. To understand more take a look at our 30×40 North Facing house plans. In addition to these plans we have many others such as 1500 sq ft floor plans and many others

Different Forms of Green Energy

Green Energy, this is the common term that we are listening to these days as there are many awareness programs that are concentrating on green energy. The main intention of these programs is to make us aware of green energy and different ways to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels.

Green energy emerges from different natural sources like wind, sunlight, plants, light and much more. All these resources are renewable and can show a smaller impact on the environment than compared with fossil fuels. It utilizes the resources that are available in this world such that it replaces fossil fuels in all major areas such as electricity and water. There are different types of green energy. Here are few important types of green energy:

• Solar Energy: This is the most common form of energy that relies on sunlight. The energy from sunlight can be collected and be used in different ways. Electricity can be generated from the captured sunlight. Though the solar energy has higher potential, but it was left behind as fossil fuels were made available at an affordable price than solar energy. Since there is a shortage of fossil fuels, it made us look forward to this option again. This is definitely the best option as compared to the fossil fuels with smoke left into air, thus polluting the environment.

• Wind power: This type of energy has been used since many years. It can generate energy sources that can replace the use of fossil fuel for generating electricity. Wind power is the major source of energy that has the capacity to supply more than the current energy consumption worldwide.

• Hydroelectric Energy: This also called as hydropower that is generated with the water cycle. This is not that much renewable as compared to other sources. It becomes more expensive to make the hydroelectric energy renewable.

• GeoThermal Power: It is energy from Earth and the main source of energy is heat, that contained inside the earth. This is more renewable as it is available in abundance and can definitely replace the existing fuel usage. It can reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and can be utilized anywhere, thus resulting in reduced energy costs. Though it is available in abundance, there are several problems that are preventing us from the usage of this Geothermal energy.

Tips On How To Come Up With Great House Plans

Are you constructing a house? Here are tips on how to come up with a great house plan:

Get a good architect

The architect will make or break your house plan; therefore, for you to have a great looking house you should work with a certified and experienced professional. The professional will not only design a beautiful house, he/she will also help you in coming up with a design that is affordable.


The sun rise direction brings optimistic energy. As you probably know, the sun rises from the east; therefore, this is the best direction to locate the door. Another great direction for the entrance is North East.

You should avoid locating the entrance in the South West direction as the direction is said to bring about negative energies. South is said to cause disagreements and arguments; therefore, you should avoid facing the door this direction.

Master bedroom

This is the place you spend most of your time when you aren’t at work; therefore, it should be located at a good place free of smells and noise. The location of the house depends on the design of your house. For example, if you have an east-facing house, the master bedroom should be in the South West corner.

To allow maximum opportunities into your life you should ensure that the door to the bedroom opens at least 90 degrees.

To provide yourself with privacy and protection you should ensure that the bedroom door is strong and solid.


Regardless of the design of your house, the best direction for your kitchen is South-East. For the food to be of benefit to you and your family you should cook while facing East. Cooking while facing east is also said to bring prosperity and happiness.

Living room

This is where the family members meet to talk and have meals. You should locate the room in the north-east direction as these directions attract good vibrations. It’s believed that a living room facing this direction keeps your family remains harmonious and there’s no discord.

When it comes to doors, they should face north as this is the direction that has all the magnetic control.


The toilet should be located in the North-West corner of rooms or house. You can also construct it in the South East direction. When constructing it you should ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water or kitchen.


These are tips on how to come up with great house designs. As mentioned, you should work closely with your architect in order to come up with great house plans.