Evaluating the Best Types of Breast Pumps

A special time in life for a new mom is the period when she bonds with her baby or babies. It is a bond that can be compared to none other. Also, during this time, a lot of mothers elect to breast feed their infants. Of course, breast feeding may not be convenient at all times. Mothers should invest in a quality breast pump. Breast pumps should be selected based on how well the mother adapts to it, and not on price alone. Thus, at Babycaremag.com, a selection of breast pumps have been posted for review.

A breast pump that is a poor choice can cause the nursing mother discomfort to her breasts. If the nursing mother is subject to pumping a lot of breast milk, she will want to ensure that the pump is a snug, but comfortable fit. While there are many variations on the type of breast pump, there are two basic breast pumps that can be chosen: a manual pump and an electric pump. While an electric pump certainly works faster, it might not always be the most convenient. This is especially true if the mother is traveling to a place where electrical outlets are few.

Of the variety of breast pumps, the Tomy, the Hygeia Breast Pump, and the Philips Avent Breast Pump, are three that come highly recommended by the testers at Babycaremag.com. The first breast pump allows the mother to double pump with one hand. The good thing about it is that if she goes into an area where there is no electrical outlet, the unit can be operated with four AA batteries. It isn’t the greatest recommended breast pump for mothers who exclusively pump their milk.

By contrast, the second pump, the Hygeia, has been strongly recommended for mothers who pump their milk exclusively. It is also great for the mothers who have twins. It has also been rated for its hospital-grade performance. It is also equipped with batteries that are rechargeable. The Philips Avent model has a massage cushion that is textured to stimulate the flow of the mother’s milk. For more breast pumps best review material, visit the website, http://www.babycaremag.com/baby-products/best-breast-pump-reviews/.