Four Ways Lanyards Help Schools Raise Money

Lanyards are a simple and useful accessory that continues to be a popular promotional item for many businesses. These inexpensive products also have enough appeal to become a very profitable fundraising tool. Every school district should consider investing in branded lanyards to help them reach School Findraising goals. Here are four suggestions about how to raise money by selling a variety of lanyards.

Appeal to Students

Create a basic lanyard in the school colors and include the school name and logo. It will sell briskly in school stores to students. Consider encouraging multiple sales to each student by also stocking the store with lanyards in other colors, patterns and designs. Holiday themes are always popular.

Advertise All Teams

Every school has several sports teams that are always in need of more funding. Lanyards can help them to reach their goals. Include mascots, team names or championship titles on the lanyard as well as anything else that makes that team unique. Sell the lanyards in the school and around the community.

Sell to Classes

Students will happily purchase lanyards that display their graduation date. These fundraisers could be sold by individual classes to help raise money for trips or graduation expenses for that class. Consider creating a competition from it with the best selling class earning a special reward from the school.

Include the Community

Attend special community events and sell lanyards in school colors memorializing the day. Many community members will enjoy having a memento of the festivities. particularly when they know the purchase helps to support the school. Ask local businesses to sell the lanyards in their establishments for a few days before and after the event.

Lanyards remain a popular item because they have an endless amount of uses. Many people use them to hold school or work IDs. They are convenient key holders and can aid a coach by holding a whistle or stopwatch. Many people will have several in use all of the time, so they are always a consistent seller. Schools should keep at least one design for sale permanently and offer additional lanyards styles for other occasions.